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The 12 Holiday Carols
Posted by Aurelia Sugita

December, oh the month that screams out HOLIDAY! Here to celebrate this beautiful season, we had 12 classic holiday songs for you to guess. Some are tricky, others are freebie. It definitely is a great way to close off this year and now, we have the result for you to see.

January 03, 2018
12 Chapters of Christmas
Posted by Aurelia Sugita

Hear ye, Hear ye!

We bring you a tale to tell.

12 chapters we have, a Christmas story we craft.

For all to enjoy!

December 18, 2017
What Changed? Living in A World With Internet.
Posted by Aurelia Sugita

How much had the world changed since the internet was introduced? We all know that it has become a major part of our life. 

Like any popular items, the internet is also seen as a positive or negative impact by the people. 

In this article, let's see the benefits of using the internet!

December 05, 2017
When You WIsh Upon A Cake
Posted by Aurelia Sugita

November 2017 marks the month of our birthday! We have everything for our 6th birthday party, except the cake.  We all know that there's no birthday like cake, so asked your help to pick ours. Those 3 weeks were well spent and now we have all 20 winners!



November 30, 2017